Nov 28, 2015


LOGPULLIN', like LOGJAMMIN' only by yourself

Cleaning up new boulders on Sonora Pass, CA
Nice sector about 100ft from 108 near Kennedy Meadows.

Mar 22, 2015

Lord of the Rungs Campusboarding Contest - March 31st

Lord of the Rungs is a campusboarding contest open to everyone.

It will take place March 31st, 2015.

Learn more and register at

Nov 18, 2014

Video Evidence: Sea of Love redpoint at Owltoberfest

An important milestone in my sport climbing progression.

A route I projected years ago became facile through training (e.g., linked boulder problems separated by on-the-wall resting) and tactics (e.g., separating exploration from performance and scheduled deload).

Oct 22, 2014

Video Evidence: Buddhist Palm Redpoint

The reigning Lord of the ForestTM  takes down another hard one.  Owltoberfest is this weekend. Can anyone take his title?