Nov 18, 2014

Video Evidence: Sea of Love redpoint at Owltoberfest

An important milestone in my sport climbing progression.

A route I projected years ago became facile through training (e.g., linked boulder problems separated by on-the-wall resting) and tactics (e.g., separating exploration from performance and scheduled deload).

Oct 22, 2014

Video Evidence: Buddhist Palm Redpoint

The reigning Lord of the ForestTM  takes down another hard one.  Owltoberfest is this weekend. Can anyone take his title?

Oct 15, 2014

Hero Pose (Sit) at The Secrets, CA

Fall is kissing the high country in California.

I'm blessed to have another revolution around the planet to enjoy climbing.

I'm also enjoying the new set of guidebooks for South Lake Tahoe. They are clear and accurate guides to a mighty fine area written by someone who has chosen to show his love of climbing by giving back.

Aug 23, 2014

Secret German Training Insights

Play matters.

Climbing and Life are nonlinear; Training should be nonlinear.

Attitude > facilities.

Parts 2-4 are worth the watch.

Jun 10, 2014

A new line at Rainbow, CA

The Lake Tahoe area of California has lifetimes of climbing to develop.

I'm working on becoming a proper soul so I can come back as a climber again to continue The Work.

May 21, 2014

Let the climbing speak for itself

Adam Ondra's tauromachy for another 9A onsight

We live in an incredible age. Not only are new climbing benchmarks are being established, we have previously unthinkable ability to witness them.

The filmmaker displayed taste by favoring long cuts of just climbing and the sounds of struggle as a soundtrack.

Climbing is best when it is simple - A person expressing human potential on the rock.

Apr 19, 2014