Nov 24, 2012

Saturday Syke

It is a given this is a high water mark for climbing.

It is far more informative to view it as a thesis on climbing technique. Overall, there is a quickness to Adam's climbing without a loss of precision. He makes the right choices for his style as quickly as possible. Those right choices are facilitated with his extraordinary hip, knee, and ankle mobility. The icing on the cake is his ability to up and down regulatory his intensity level.

Thank you to Black Diamond for making this teachable moment possible by posting the uncut video.

Nov 22, 2012

A Step Back & A Step Up

I am very thankful for my current life and the current world.

I would not be an able to indulge in climbing if my body was not healthy. The same is true if I lived in a time and place that did not have a surplus of spare calories and time.

I am also thankful for the Internet. It is a force multiplier for climbing and training information.  I will continue to show my gratitude by contributing my small share.

Nov 17, 2012

Saturday Syke

Autumn's Day

Lord, it is time. Summer was very great.
Now cast your shadow upon sundials.
Let winds remind meadows it is late.

Mellow now the last fruits on the vine.
Allow them only two more southern days.
Hasten them to fulness, and press
The last heavy sweetness through the wine.

Who has no home can not build now.
Who dwells alone must now remain alone;
Will waken, read, write long letters, and
Will wander restlessly when leaves are blowing.
from Writer's Almanac November 15, 2012

Nov 15, 2012

Unknown/Unnamed Climbs at 45 Area Mt. Gretna, PA

These climbs are located in the 45 Area Governor Dick, aka Mt. Gretna. They are on the same boulder as  "22. Project" and "23. Project." It is also possible to traverse into the first problem starting to the left under the roof.

GPS Corrindates:
Parking (N 40 14.267  W 76 27.554)
Boulder (N 40 14. 309 W 76 27.325)

Nov 10, 2012

Saturday Syke

Lessons Learned:

I will learn something about myself during my next workout.

I will make myself into a machine.

I will teach people to be great.

I will systematically improve EVERYTHING.

Nov 8, 2012

Data, Method, & Narrative (Revisited)

I have written on this theme before.

Data is observable, measurable information. Method is how that data is created. Narrative is the story around the data and the method.

This blog and the associated media has taken many forms over the year (e.g., a journal of exploits or a window in my thoughts and actions). The recent reincarnation is data-driven video, an objective record of what I climbed and where I climbed with universal standards (i.e., GPS coordinates). My method can be deduced. The blog has a light sprinkle of narrative.

You can (and should) pick the elements of interest and use for you. Leave the rest.

Nov 7, 2012

Sending Projects "23" & 22" 45 Area at Mt. Gretna, PA

These climbs are listed as projects, "23" and "22" (respectively), in the 45 Area from the "Governer Dick Bouldering Guide."

Thank you to Adam & West Chester, PA crew for pads, spots, and company.

GPS Corrindates:
Parking (N 40 14.267  W 76 27.554)
Boulder (N 40 14. 309 W 76 27.325)

Nov 3, 2012

Saturday Syke

The particular providing a glimpse at the universal.

Nov 1, 2012

There is no secret science

Science values openness. If you want to claim you are the first to do something, you have to publish it. You can pursue experiments on your own and never share the results. But when someone publishes the same results, the first public results "win."

In addition to just following the "rules" of science to "win", the world is a richer and more interesting place with more information.

There is much climbing can learn from science.