Oct 29, 2012

Sending problems next to "Tourette's Razor" at Bushwhack Rocks, MD

After removing vines and cleaning the holds, I sent a couple of problems around the corner from "Tourette's Razor". There is another, easier problem (not in video) to the left that starts sitting.

There are rumors that variations of these problems may have been done. It is a pity that person choose not to share that information publicly. Give my desire to open new problems, I would spend my limited time not rediscovering established problems.

GPS Coordinates:
Parking (N 39 30.559 W 77 28.835)
Leave fireroad (N 39 30.436 W 77 28.433)
Boulder (N 39 30.230 W 77 28.441)

The rumors have been confirmed.

That is a mighty fine addition to the area.

Oct 27, 2012

Saturday Syke

In Heaven It Is Always Autumn

"In Heaven It Is Always Autumn"
         John Donne

In heaven it is always autumn. The leaves are always near
to falling there but never fall, and pairs of souls out walking
heaven's paths no longer feel the weight of years upon them.
Safe in heaven's calm, they take each other's arm,
the light shining through them, all joy and terror gone.
But we are far from heaven here, in a garden ragged and unkept
as Eden would be with the walls knocked down,
    the paths littered
with the unswept leaves of many years, bright keepsakes
for children of the Fall. The light is gold, the sun pulling
the long shadow soul out of each thing, disclosing an outcome.
The last roses of the year nod their frail heads,
like listeners listening to all that's said, to ask,
What brought us here? What seed? What rain? What light?
What forced us upward through dark earth? What made us bloom?
What wind shall take us soon, sweeping the garden bare?

Their voiceless voices hang there, as ours might,
if we were roses, too. Their beds are blanketed with leaves,
tended by an absent gardener whose life is elsewhere.
It is the last of many last days. Is it enough?
To rest in this moment? To turn our faces to the sun?
To watch the lineaments of a world passing?
To feel the metal of a black iron chair, cool and eternal,
press against our skin? To apprehend a chill as clouds
pass overhead, turning us to shivering shade and shadow?
And then to be restored, small miracle, the sun
    shining brightly
as before? We go on, you leading the way, a figure
leaning on a cane that leaves its mark on the earth.
My friend, you have led me farther than I have ever been.
To a garden in autumn. To a heaven of impermanence
where the final falling off is slow, a slow and radiant happening.
The light is gold. And while we're here, I think it must
    be heaven.
From the Writer's Almanac October 20, 2012

Oct 25, 2012

Prison Shanks, Inc

37signals has a concept - Sell Your By-products. There are many by-products of developing climbing: the joy of contribution, poison ivy rashes, and shivs.

The Climbing Lab proudly presents the first offering from Prison Shanks, Inc: 

Oct 23, 2012

First Ascent "New Eyes & Old Knees" at High Ridge Park, MD

With more time and attention, High Ridge Park will be a fine addition to the Maryland climbing community. Here is my contribution.

The revelvant GPS coordinates:
Parking lot: (N 39 06.843 W 76 51.769)
Turn off main trial: (N 39 06.814 W 76 52.174)
Boulder: (N 39 06.789 W 76 52.209)

Oct 20, 2012

Saturday Syke

The Mid-Atlantic Season is shifting into high gear, and my mind is slowing becoming consumed with climbing. It is natural to resurrect Saturday Syke.

Jason Kehl creates Art, whether that be shaping novel climbing holds, setting futurist indoor problems, or establishing outdoor test-pieces. The climbing community could use more Art.

Oct 17, 2012

Sending "Kumkwats" Variation at Murray Hill, MD

"Kumkwats" starts on the ramp, cuts to the face on the right, and finishes on a jug (to drop off).

I decided to open a line that stays entirely on the ramp and includes a top-out.

Oct 14, 2012

Sending "Full Value Project" at Murray Hill, MD

My best creation of the season (so far).

Here are the GPS coordinates:
Parking (N 39 09.563 W 76 51.166)
Boulder (N 39 09.546 W 76 51.587)

Oct 13, 2012

Sending "Excavation Project" at Murray Hill, MD

I spent more than 1 session on this project. That rare grit paid off in a send. If you like the crux low to the ground and low precentage, check it out. Mostly likely you won't fall above 7ft, but be careful out there.

Oct 2, 2012

Sending "Platform Project Sit" at Murray Hill, MD

The other projects at Murray Hill are possible and will be opened shortly.

Operation "Get Some" has been initiated.