Jan 1, 2012

My 2012 Promise

I have decide to share my 2012 year in climbing. In the past years, I shared part of my programming and many individual sessions. Lately, I've chosen to go in a different direction with this website. Now, I feel providing a complete year at the programming level is the best way to appreciate The Climbing Lab approach to climbing.

I will share my cycles, but I won't share the individual sessions, inside or outside. I don't want the forest, the cycles, to get lost in the trees, the daily sessions. Anyone can make-up a workout that is hard or spray down about a climbing trip. There is much more value in creating a program for consistent improvement and long-term results.

Most importantly, I will share "The Why." Before a cycle, the reason for what I do and when I do it. After a cycle, a breakdown of what worked and what didn't work. Then, you can improve your own program using the principles.

You can find this experiment here. The rough sketch of "The Post Season", the first cycle of 2012, is already posted.

Please join me on this journey.