Feb 21, 2012

Current Training Cycle - The Bouldering Season

Spring has Sprung. My current "training" cycle is performance-centric. I'm ready to hit the Mid-Atlantic hard.

My primary focus is killing lichen at Bushwhacks Rocks and Great Falls National Park with a light sprinkle of local classics and short road trips. Prime projects are to ready to be sent.

I'm limiting myself to one gym session per week (tough for me). I find that is easiest to train technique in the gym, given you have the ability to ignore the latest and loudest problems and climbing nuggets. My gym session will provide the stimulus I'm not getting outside (e.g., If I'm projecting outside, I will climb circuits inside. If I'm only sending moderates outside, I'll threshold boulder inside). I will force to myself to do the appropriate prehab (I swear).