Oct 29, 2012

Sending problems next to "Tourette's Razor" at Bushwhack Rocks, MD

After removing vines and cleaning the holds, I sent a couple of problems around the corner from "Tourette's Razor". There is another, easier problem (not in video) to the left that starts sitting.

There are rumors that variations of these problems may have been done. It is a pity that person choose not to share that information publicly. Give my desire to open new problems, I would spend my limited time not rediscovering established problems.

GPS Coordinates:
Parking (N 39 30.559 W 77 28.835)
Leave fireroad (N 39 30.436 W 77 28.433)
Boulder (N 39 30.230 W 77 28.441)

The rumors have been confirmed.

That is a mighty fine addition to the area.