May 8, 2012

Fall Pyramids

A climb pyramid (i.e., 4 climbs at one level, 3 climbs at one level higher, ...) is a proven method for improvement. The next logic step is creating separate pyramids for specific subgoals, anything from crimp-style climbs to dynos.

One of my biggest limiters is a fear of falling into space. Long whippers on vertical climbs are no problem, but the smallest fall into space causes my sympathetic nervous system to start shrieking.

Lately, I have been working my way through a "falling into space" pyramid. The first level is hanging on bolts in space. The second level is letting go near a clip. The third level is intentionally falling above a clip. The fourth level is falling while going for it above a clip.

I'm not to the point of taking a victory winger at the anchors, but in my constant and never ending quest for improvement, this is my next step.