May 22, 2012

Improper Campus Boarding

There is nothing incorrect in the video. However, there are several suboptimal elements.

Flannery Shay-Nemirow outlines the following campus board progression - deadhang, long move, ladder, bump, and double bump (at 2:45). There are many intermediate steps between each of those stages. For example, I advocate shrugs after hangs. Shrugs activate the prime movers for campusing. After shrugs, I do staggered matches. I start with one hand one rung higher than other hand then move the lower hand up to match the upper hand. This is the easiest campus board move I have found. Shrugs and staggered matches is a safer progression, especially for one and two finger campusing, then moving directly from hangs into long moves.

Secondarily, this video confounds a lifestyle portrait with practical instruction. There is very little practical information in the video. I value practical information as the foundation of Crowd Accelerated Innovation. Entertainment is added bonus after a pragmatic threshold is meet.

Footnote: Don't get me started about using thumbs on a campus board (at 2:54).