Mar 11, 2010

The Best Free Training Advice Ever

I just found this jewel on the interweb -

"Dear God! There is some really bad advice in this thread.

I might as well add to it:

Why don't you just enjoy climbing for another couple years. You have your whole life to systematically, slowly, and painfully, but certainly suck out every golden drop of innocent joy that the sport ever offered you....

Get back to me when you find yourself camped out at the base of some shitty road-cut chosspile throwing F-bomb infused woblers every time your foot pops off that polished, over-chalked smear at the crux of your super-sick new linkup/eliminate of "Warmup Problem" and "Center Problem Direct" (the good crimper is off) with a downclimb of "Middle-Left-Right-Left-Down Problem".

I mean, get back to me when you hate climbing."