Mar 3, 2010

Morrison/Evergreen, Not That Bad/Actually Good

Location: Morrison

Problems Sent: ZERO (Right up there with Owl Tor and Indian Creek)

Problems Tried: Cytpogrinder, V8, all the moves (couldn't get syked for the link, flesh eating epoxy)
CMJD, V8, all the moves (couldn't get syked for the link, no spotters/1 pad)
Pop Goes the Weasel, V9 (couldn't get established on the start underclings, but did the rest of the problem)

Location: Evergreen

Problems Sent: 2 V0s (pretty good)

Problem Tried: Zero (Everything was wet)

Quintessential Urban Bouldering

"Hidden Fawn Trail" delivers on its name

The nice, but wet, rock of Evergreen

Notes: I had work in Denver so I used the opportunity to check out the famous, or infamous, Morrison scene. I warmed-up on some traverse where I couldn't tell whether I was dabbing or on "approved" footholds. I quickly moved to the Black Hole, where a couple of locals showed me some problems. It was in the direct sun and in the mid 50s which made the chipped, greasy holds feel horrible. The all time low was when a piece of epoxy (WTF?) dug a hole in my finger. Like I have said in the past, "If you are going to chip a climb, at least make it fun." Someone should bust out the Dremel and make the climb more enjoyable. The upside to the trip is it pointed out a glaring weakness - underclings. I don't understand undercling movement outside.

I quickly changed venues and went to Three Sister's Park in Evergreen. It was much more my speed, more deer than cars. I was only able to find a couple of the boulders, thanks to Bob Horan's travesty of a guidebook. What I saw was good, scatter granite blocs in peaceful forest. The rock leads itself to crimping and hard top outs, fun and engaging. It is still under too much snow to get on anything of significance, but I will be back later in the spring.