Mar 13, 2010

Poudre Canyon, The Blog

Fresh Tracks by Car

Fresh Tracks by Foot

Signs of Spring

Problems Sent:
Shoeless trippin' in the Poudre, V9/10, Redpoint (less than hour, rad kneebar, fun climbing)
Sparkle, V8, Flash (Could be my 1st V8 flash, the tale of the tape and time will tell)
Green Monster, V7, Flash (WOW!!!)
Shambo Overhang, V6, Redpoint (cool dynamic beta, dirty topout)
?, V6, Redpoint (boulder next to Simple, interesting movement)
Arete #19, V5, Flash (good)
Orange Arete, V4, 2nd go (dry fired on flash, shirt off on ice = rad)

Total Points: 45.5

Problems Tried: Iron Helix, 3 tries (pre-psyching myself out about the snowy topout)

Notes: After yesterday's epics, I was happy to climb anything. I surprised myself by flashing another V7, flashing my 1st V8, and putting down a 9/10 with quickness. I feel that I'm still in the process of translating my training to outside climbing.