Mar 2, 2010

The Sessions #5, Abusing My Strength

The Sessions have a definitive positive effect on my climbing. I'm climbing harder but more importantly I'm enjoying climbing more. "Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable." Justen shares so many important nuggets during the training. I remember 2, push with my legs when I'm tired and ... Damn! I forgot another one.

I'm at home on vertical climbing, especially toproping. I fall apart on continuously steep climbing, especially when leading. The roots are mental limiters that range from slightly draining to debilitating. At least now, I have a plan of attack.

I abuse my strength. If things aren't going my way, I make sure they do. Once my strength to gives out, I lose confidence. I need to learn to trust my technically skills and save the power for when I need it.

I was by beat the end, physically and mentally. A good day of climbing. A good day of training.