Oct 9, 2010

I Got Now, I Don't Care Who Got Next

Training: 1) CIR, 1 block

2) VIR, 1 block

3) Press, 3x5, 125

4) Deadlift, 1x5, 275

5) 5 rounds
Swings, 60lbs, 'till lose pop
Push-ups, 'till pause
rest 1:00

I'm a lifer.
I figure I've about 10 years of hard climbing left, but I maximize each day.

Notes: I'm starting my season. Getting outside 4-5 times per week. Training 1 day per week. My two training goals are:

1) Supplement outside climbing
2) Maintain general Strength and Conditioning

This week I worked (and sent) many medium/hard first ascent climbs outside. There is always more figuring and cleaning than doing with first ascents. I tend to climb too tentatively and statically, since the problems are new and dirty. I flipped the coin for my indoor training by doing a high volume of familiar climbs. I worked on flowing and moving efficiently. #1 Homewall, repeated easier climbs #2 Commercial Gym, repeated & flashed climbs. Very crowded but kept moving. #3-5 My maintenance schedule is loosely based on this template. No need to make it complicated since I back at the novice level in the S&C world. I plan to push my numbers in a systematic and sustainable manner. The conditioning was "auto-regulated". Focused on quality of movement (instead of killing myself).