Sep 7, 2010

The Wrong Day To Quit Methadone

Training: 1) 80% Bouldering

2) Hangboard

3) Core & Prehab

Note: I'm not much of a project climber. There are too many good climbs to try anyone for more than a day! However, I'm fired up about the "Merlin Project". I have to get stronger on crimps. DAMN!!! It provides a renewed focus to my training.

#1 This is hard play. I find moves I suck at and try to refine them. Lots of falling. Some not falling. All success (I define success as learning and growing). #2 Still making progress. I did a full workout (all three grips). I gave myself a gold star for doing mobility drills between sets. #3 I rotate core exercises every 3 weeks, trying to break PRs every week. The current menu specials are L-sit scissors and ab wheel roll-outs. Hammering my rotator cuffs (in a good way).