Sep 6, 2010

You know the "project" to the left of "Merlin" in Poudre Canyon ...

Not that one, the other one.

It goes -

The temperatures have finally dropped, and I exploited the opportunity to get on some projects. The first one to fall was a line to the far left of "Merlin" in Poudre Canyon, CO. I did it with a hop start from a nearby boulder. It also goes from the ground with a Gill start from a vertical crimp, remarkably similar to the "Pinch Overhang" of Horsetooth. (You can did either way, I won't write you a ticket.)

I'm very syked about the line to the left of Merlin. It follows a series of small, but friendly, crimps on a slightly overhanging face. I have an "out of the box" sequence but couldn't channel enough Fred Nicole to send.

Time to hit the hangboard.

Projects are going down.