Jan 5, 2011

Ideology of the Cancer Cell


1) Project only


1) Hike 45 minutes

rest 3 hours

2) Technique

3) Flash Ladder

4) Campus

5) Repeat/Technique

6) Prehab

Notes: Back on the Front Range. Just in time for a perfect winter session.

#1 No send day. Day 3 on my "uber project". Still making progress. It will go (soon).

#1 Found ~8 problems not published anywhere. Good enough for me. #2 Focused on relaxing my core. I hold too much unnecessary tension there. #3 Continued to focus on using minimal amount of core tension as I attempted to flash new problems. Mediocre performance - lacked syke, exposed my limiters, skin was thin. Only went up in grades. #4 Medium Rungs. Set new benchmarks - 1-2-5, 1-3-6. My new system is working. THE SYSTEM IS THE SOLUTION. #5 Repeated the same problems from #3. Use less tension. Let the problems teach me. #6 Went back to old system. Forgot new system on computer.