Jan 3, 2011

New Training Cycle!


Objective: Increase high end work capacity. Explore outside when possible.

Start Date: 01/04/10

End Date: ?

1. a. Raise my climbing density benchmarks by 10%
b. Raise my "ABS score" (top 5 climbs in 3 hours) by 15%

2. a. Send 1 unpublished climb a week
b. Go on 1 roadtrip a month

Chasing 2 rabbits!

I have the ability to climb easy & medium hard problems all day. I want to increase my ability to climb harder problems all day.

However, this winter is magical. It is warm & dry. I want to maximize that unique opportunity. I have many winter projects and areas that I want to develop. Using some techniques of fluid periodization that I have developed, I will try to accomplish these two tangential goals.