Jan 1, 2011

Saturday Syke Video

Starting at 15:45 is the section most relevant to the thoughts below

If you view climbing as constrained by the physical world, then the concept of scarcity could apply. There is a limited about of rock. As more people climb, there is less climbing for everyone. That viewpoint creates incentives for secret areas. The convention of "Ownership" can also apply. A first ascensionist "owns" the climb. Subsequent ascensionists can violate "the rules."

However if you view view climbing as an idea, it is not constrained by the physical world. Thus the concept of scarcity is not necessarily applicable. In fact as more people climb and share, more climbing exists in the world for everyone to enjoy. An "Open Science" view of climbing creates incentives for the sharing of information. It is less important who climbs what first. It is more important the information is available. There are less "rules" to violate, merely paradigms to adhere to (or not).

Which worldview are you living in?
Which worldview would you rather live in?