Jan 14, 2011

Shrinkage Penalty

Performance/Training: 1) Technique

2) Onsights

3) Campus

4) Prehab/Core

Does your climbing gym have valet parking?
Movement does!

Notes: Headed to Movement (along half of the Front Range). Too crowded for a significant training session. Choose an indoor performance day.

#1 Long warm-up on the high quality moderates. #2 Too crowded to get a lead rope. Onsighted (on TR) lots of 12-. On a relative intensity scale from 1-10, the routes felt like a 6. #3 Wanted a stronger dose than routes could provide. I only keep benchmarks on 1 board so this was for fun. Focused on contact strength and pulling through (separately). #4 Quick & standard - front levers and external rotation. Overall a medium session. The worst of both worlds, performance and training.