Oct 11, 2009

Buttermilks & Sad Boulders, 2nd day highballs

Location: Buttermilks

Problems Sent:
The Hunk Boulder Unnamed, VB
Hero Roof, V0
Hero Boulder Unnamed Slab, V0
Green Wall, Unnamed #23, V0
Green Wall unnamed #24, V0
Boy and Girl, Unnamed #13, V1
Green Wall Arete, V1
The Hunk, V2 (super rad, techy start to "keep it together top")

Problems Tried:
Green Wall Center, V6 (I don't understand the movement on this problem, haven't tried it under good conditions)

Location: Sad Boulders

Problems Sent: A bunch, but I forgot (They couldn't have been that great)

Kyle waking up in Paradise

Getting It Done

Poodle Crash Pad

Jondo Highballing in Style
Spenser enjoying a unique feature climb in the Sad Boulders

Evan enjoying a lowball

Evan not enjoying a highball

The Body Follows The Mind

Notes: Second day on in Bishop is never productive. Tips were shredded, in addition most of the crew partied hard the night before. We started at the Buttermilks, which got hot quickly. I spent the day flashing easy highballs.

Right as our evening session at the Sads was starting, a couple of rangers rolled up. They immediately took an interest in me, and I complied with their requests. It turns that I matched the description of a suspect. The description was eerily similar to me, "5'11'', 175, blond hair with a mustache." He wasn't "dangerous" but they still wanted to talk to him. I was the first person into the canyon and was a little spooked. After that feeling faded, the session was pleasant romp among the choss.