Oct 16, 2009

Power Hoisting

Training: 1) Ladder, Medium Rungs, 1-4-6

(2) Ladder, Small Rungs, 1-4-5

(3) Doubles, Large Rungs, 1-4-7

rest 10 minutes

(4) Flash, problems, 20 minutes

(6) Press, 130, 3X5
rest 3 minutes between sets

2) 3 rounds
Corkscrew, 45, 10 reps
Hang open hand, lowest edge on Metolius Simulator*, 7-10s

* Metolius Simulator is hung on 35 degree wall. I'll explain in a future post.

Notes: Putting up FAs was the warm up for real climbing, i.e. campusing. Finally, the Babylonian Exile is over. The hangboard was moved, meaning I can campus without hitting my nuts. Time to get STRONG!! I still suck on pulling through, but my fingers feel strong.

Flashing was a mental challenge after the campusing took the most of the power juice. The rehab for my shoulder is almost done, #6. I finished the day with some abs and deadhangs.