May 12, 2010

Dead Fit Bird

Training: 1) Route Doubles, 2 blocks

2) Density, 1 block

Notes: Lately, I have been intrigued by this interview with Adam Ondra and the book The Talent Code. Climbing is so complex, and foreign to conventional movement, that a massive amount of deep practice is the best path for improvement. Projecting problems limits the amount of climbing moves in a session, misses the "massive amount". Endless traversing or ARCing isn't challenging, misses the "deep practice". The goal is to get both, stay in the zone of proximal development. It requires constant self awareness and adjustment. I can tell a quality training session because I'm mentally and physically exhausted.

#1 - I flashed all the hardest routes in the gym. #2 - I sent everything left to right in the bouldering area. "Feeling Fit" is an understatement. I need to seek out better training options.