May 10, 2010


After a work day in Denver, I made a triumphal return to 3 Sisters Park in Evergreen. (I gave Morrison the finger as I drove past). It was a beautiful cool day in the forest.

The "Hidden Fawn Trial" Never Disappoints

The sometimes sharp and lichen-covered granite of 3 Sisters Park

Another Classic Day on the Front Range

Problems Sent:
Spread, V1 (felt hard)
Brain Storm, V1, Flash (good)
Flow Stream, V2/3, Flash (contrived)
Hot Wax, V3, Flash (thanks for the glue)
Corner Service, V4, Flash (getting warmer as it cools off)
Texture This, V4, Flash (stacked pad start)
Pac Man, V7 (less than 30 min, full value)
The Pearl, V8 (3/4 tries, too sharp to be classic)