May 21, 2010

GC & C Tour, Stop 4 : Priest Draw

Day 1

I thought Priest Draw as going to be the high point of the trip. My plan was to dominate the gymnastic climbing on pockets. The first setback was only having a sketchy internet guidebook. Not good but better than nothing. The second setback was realizing I've no idea how to climb outside roofs. I didn't send anything after some random warm-ups. DAMN!

Beware of Priest Draw locals. They are honemasters. They know micro-tricks that I would not thought possible.

Day 2

I returned with a new frame, have fun and learn. I would look for good lines and try climb outside my box. I was sending-in-a-day the grade I typically flash. In the end, it was an enjoyable day in the forest. It would be awesome if they place had a decent guidebook.

Alex on the incredible warm-up boulder