May 25, 2010

GC & C Tour, Stop 5 : Red Rocks

The Road Goes On.

Beautiful, As Always

Day 1

757 2X4, 7, onsight

Bonaire, 9, onsight

Lewd, Crude, and Misconstrued, 9+, onsight

Need to Rest, 10b, onsight

Glitter Gluch, 11a, 2nd go (first go 1 year ago)

Rebel without a Pause, 11b, 2nd go (first go 8 years ago)

Crude Control, 12a, 3 tries (contrived but really fun)

Lee Press On, 12b, 2 tries (BTB, 1 hang)

Day 2

Crazy Eights, 8, Onsight (really good & long)

Mother's Milk, 8, Onsight (thinner than Crazy Eights)

Chrome Dome, 10a/b, Onsight (good stuff)

Sister Pain, 11b, Onsight (piss easy)

Sweet Pain, 11d, 2nd go (first go 1 year ago, didn't get even get pumped today - thanks to The Sessions and JS's training)

Lee Press On, 12b, 2 tries (2 X 1 fall, took a nice 20fter postcrux, still much to learn about sport climbing)