May 8, 2010

Durango, Day 1, A Young Gunslinger with Something to Prove

I felt the call of road and rode out to the two horse town of Durango. One factor in my decision was a the presence of a quality bouldering guidebook, a rarity in CO. The climbs were sweeter than soiled dove on a Saturday night, and the grades softer than my ass after two days in the saddle.

I ran into a couple of inspiring local green horns.
They were climbing higballs at their limits.

The easy access was tempered by the oscillating snow storms.

Location: Turtle Rocks

Problems Sent:
Tie Dihedral, V1, Flash (good, snow has stopped)
#5, V2, Flash (Road Boulder, loose slots like vegas)
Yellow Jacket, V2, Flash (great)
Pocket Pool, V3, 2nd go (HIDDEN POCKET)
Pimp Slap, V3, Flash (RAD)
Bird Hole Right, V3, Flash (slab>dyno)
The Low Traverse, V3, Flash (Big East Block, i did a "fall in" move!)
A Brief History ..., V3, Flash (RAAAAD, almost sketched the topout)
Center El Turtle, V6, Flashish (A couple of mulligans on the wrong start holds, once I pulled on went to top)
The Bear, V7/8, Flash (so fun did it twice)
Beckoning the Call, V8, Flash (my butt was on the ground)

Total Points: 41.5

Problem Tried:
The Fin, V6/7, A couple (first move is tricky, super sandy up high)
Compression Session, V7, 30 minutes (1 move=sds to lip, no clue)