May 19, 2010

GC & P Tour, Stop 2 : Jemez, NM

The next stop is a was a new-to-me area call The Pond near Jemez, NM. The volcanic rock in an higher altitude forest made for a wonderful afternoon out. There was no one on the rocks or in the campground, simply shocking for the quality of the place. I guess it's not trendy to climb there.

Cleaning up a project that didn't go.
Life of a roadtrippin' climber.

30ft Chimney Traverse = Interesting

Pottery Shard
Rad Litter

Climbing Tape
Lame Litter

Problems Sent:
20 minute Boulder, V2, V4, V1, V5, V4, V4, V2, V3,
King for Day Boulder, V2, Flash
Reservoir Dogs, V4, Flash
Dot Dot Space, V5, Flash

Problems Tried:
King for a Day, V6, epic fail
Triple Mullet Blowjob, V10, 2 tries (endro traverse with horrible ending)
Pulp Friction, V10, 3 tries (1 move V10 dynos are HARD)