Jul 22, 2010

Chasing Two Rabbits

1) Technique, .5 block

2) Threshold Bouldering, .5 block

3) Circuit

4) ARC

Successful t-nut and wood chip test
Wood chips are a great tool to improve footwork.
Lord knows I need it.

Notes: #1 - Work on big moves between good holds. It is most important just to get to the holds, in that style of climbing. I make sure I can cover the distance, often at the expense of efficiency. I broke down some big moves and worked on efficiency. #2 - I've been experimenting with some pragmatic mental training. I tested it by trying to match my performance from yesterday, which I did. Another tool in the toolbox. I'm laying the foundation for great fall season. #4 - All Adv Problems right to left in the gym, 10 problems in 12:24 #5 I ARC to cool down until my left knee got funky.