Jul 2, 2010

Non-Gaussian Errors in the Residuals

1) Technique, 1 block

2) Hard Bouldering, .5

3) DT, 1 block

Notes: Last hard day before taper. I feel good but a little beat up, right where I want to be. #1 Learn a trick for dynoing, especially for lateral ones. AIM FOR THE BACK OF THE HOLD. It is like shooting free-throws. Instead of aiming for lip, aim deep. #2 Hard bouldering was more of a break between other two. Nothing was enaging, aka everything was too easy. It is a blessing in disguise, forces me to focus on technique and tolerance. #3 20 minutes, 2 laps on 4 problems, 3 laps on 3 problems. All Adv. Settting blocked access to one of the problems. Training in commerical gyms is an exercise in futility.