Jul 12, 2010

Roadtrip Thoughts

I just got back from the International Climber's Festival in Lander, WY. It was rad. Lander is always rad. My climbing during the festival wasn't much to write about (so I won't).

However, I relearned some things about my climbing:

- It takes me about ~30m of climbing to get reacquainted with a different rock type.

- I climb better after warming up. Due to an odd set of circumstates, I tried to warm-up on a grade harder than my hardest redpoint. F'ed up.

- I'm getter better about hard clips but sometimes clips are in the difficult places. Sometimes equippers are idiots.

- Hard moves still limit me from sending, redpointing and onsighting. Power Endurance/Tolerance is moving to the backseat. Power and quality movement is back driving the training bus.

The inspiring Lloyd family