Jul 21, 2010

Free Range Human

1) Technique

2) Threshold Bouldering

3) Bouldering

rest 4 hours

4) DT

5) RI

I love climbing movement and can't get enough of these videos.

Notes: 2-a-days can only mean one thing - Full Pre-season #2 Even my Threshold Bouldering follows a progression. My relationship with my current indoor project - Individual moves with open feet (Day 1). Link moves in groups of 2s & 3s (Day 2). Individual moves with tracking feet (Day 3) #3 Sent project problem after 3 days of work (with open feet). #4 Stepped up by swapping out a short easy Adv for harder longer Adv. Adds up over 4 repeats in 20 minutes. #5 Not much in the tank but worked on recovery.