Aug 8, 2010

Guide to Cherokee (Lone Pine Unit) State Wildlife Area, CO

Lately, I have felt a desire to give back to the climbing community. The guide above is my attempt. It is covers Cherokee (Lone Pine Unit) State Wildlife Area, CO, which is not "published" anywhere else. This area is closes to all non-hunting and fishing activities on September 1st. I encourage you to check it out before it closes for the season. In addition, this guide is an attempt to introduction new features to guidebooks.

Here are some of the advanced features:

- Clicking on the "Table of Contents" page jumps to the pages of the guide for ease of navigation.

- There is an external link to Google Maps for the area.

- There are external links to videos of selected problems.

These features work best with Adobe Reader.

I'm grateful for the following Open Source programs:
Beta Creator