Aug 31, 2010

Hedonic Adaptation

Training: 1) 80% Bouldering

2) Hangboard

Ankle mobility is a prerequisite for quality climbing movement.
Check out Mobility WOD (Climbing Lab Approved)

Note: I did not want to train today. It was a "Everything Sucks Today" day. I worked all day and went to the Big Game Area right after (it is the last day of the season). I started working on some lesser projects. It was hot and muggy. I fell out of awkward heelhook, missed the pad, and bruised my foot. As I was exploring, I fell in the river. I throw in the towel (which I didn't have), went home and put on some Dr. Dre. Once I started to train, everything was put right.

#1 I made up new medium hard problems. I wasn't in the proper mental state to compare myself to my own previous performance. #2 I didn't want to push my old records so I created new records in a different time domain, 15-20s. Still sticking the basics and stuff I suck at, i.e. Open and 1/2 Crimp positions.