Mar 22, 2009

Joe's Valley, So Good You Wouldn't Think It Was Sandstone

Objective: Performance

Problems Sent:
Unamed, V1, flash
The Face Left, V1, flash
High Ride, V2, flash
Dustbuster, V2, flash
Small One, V2, flash
Midget, V3, flash
Pint Size, V3, flash
Skins Game, V3/4, flash
Pee Wee, V4, 2nd go
Slap Me Silly, V4, flash
Chit, V4, flash
Rug Rat, V5, 4/5 tries (I kept epicing on the top out arete)
Black & Blue, V6, <1 hour (tricky long crux move, sent 2nd try after doing crux)

Total Points: 40.5

Problems Tried:
Walrus, V5, 3 tries (I was shredding at this point)
Mr Mephosropholies, V6, 3 tries (dirty and contrived)
Moby Dick, V6, 4 tries (there must be trick beta)
Team Effort, V6/8, 2 tries (not that great, funky heelhook)
Hooters, V9, 2 tries (Need more crimp power!!!)

A great climbing area with horrible weather
Every trip to Joe's ends the same way, driven out by snow and wind.

Notes: I rolled up to Joe's with just enough time to flash to 2 V4s (with no warm-up) before darkness. I spent the next day at the Right Fork, which I have never been to before. I tried to send as many new problems before the storm. I cranked hard but climbed poorly, lots of foot cutting and thrutching. Not my best day, but still a day of climbing. I'm looking forward to old friends, sport climbing, and better weather in Sin City.