Mar 4, 2009

Monos & Rattlesnakes

Objective : Performance

Problems Sent : Sometimes Wet, V2, flash
Phil's Folly, V3, flash
The Buddha, V4, flash
Unknown, V4, 2nd go (loose rock fell in my mouth on the flash)
Ned's Corner, V5, flash
Berthoud, V5, 2nd go
Phillip's Problem, V5, redpoint (1st go with better sequence)

Total Points : 28

Problems Tried : After Berthoud, V6, did all the moves but wanted more pads to send

A tree growing out of sandstone conglomerate in the river.

Delicious two-finger pocket

Slippery, slopey embedded rock jug

Notes : I was forced to go to Denver for work. I tried to make the best of the situation by climbing at Castlewood Canyon. I spent most of my time lost (Thanks Bob Horan!!). I was able to find two caves, Buddha Belly and Berthoud. It was fun, steep, thug climbing on sandstone conglomerate. I'm no stranger to that type of climbing and rock. While sandstone conglomerate lends itself to a vast variety of shapes, it is inherently unstable. Poison ivy and ticks were no extra charge. The only things missing from the complete central coast of California experience were monos and rattlesnakes.