May 27, 2009

To Err is Human. To Control Errors is Science.

Objective: Climbing Power

Training: (1) Small Rungs, 1-3-5

(2) Medium Rungs, 1-4-6 (f)

(3) Big Rungs, 1-4-7 (f)

Notes: I really like campusing. You have to focus and try hard. If I get in the right state, I float between the rungs and surprise myself. My short term goal is 1-4-7 on small rungs. My fingers feel strong enough, I can latch any rung I can get to it. Getting to the rungs is the problem. I have some mental baggage. When I tried 1-4-7 today, this thought popped into my head - "Pulling through from 1-7 is really far." The last sets were designed to trick myself out of that idea.

My Big Hairy Audacious Goal, BHAG, is 1-5-9 on the medium rungs. I feel that if I can do 1-5-9, I with have enough power to climb any route that I want. The technical and mental abilities are equally important. I'm getting after them, too.

Right now, I'm in the dairy business. Milking linear progress until it runs dry. Once I stop seeing improvements, I'll switch something up. If it is working, I'm not changing. I aim for small improvements from session to session. This week it was 1-3-5 on small rungs and 1-4-6 on medium rungs. I didn't post my warm-up sets. I limit each session to 8-12 working sets and strive to keep fails under 10%.