Jun 30, 2010

Blogging Empire

Training: 1) Technique

2) Bouldering

3) T2P

4) Dynamic Effort, 1-arm

5) MU, 3X4

6) Pull-ups and Dips

7) Front lever and stall bar leg lifts

Notes: Settling into a groove. Technquie work, a bit of hardish climbing, and some tolerance training. I'm getting better at each of these aspects. Hopefully, I will see some transfer.

#1 foot hover, decompress #2 Focus on quality movement over sending, alertnagted between my own problems and established climbs #3 Traverse into Spiderman (~V2 into ~V3), 6 laps, 2:00 between laps #5-#7 Noticed some modest gains after taking 3 days off. Birthday Challenges training is training for its own sport (that you make up the rules to). I always feel like I need to get more serious about the training. I supersetted the physical training with fun, i.e. front flips out off the trampoline pit, learning basic parallette work, and 1-arm cartwheels.