Jun 5, 2009

"Humbing Mathew"

Objective: Climbing Power Endurance

"I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice."
Notice the 5 was changed to a 3 on #2.

Notes: Went down to Mountain Athlete with Doug and a couple of random people. I was the only person not mummified, i.e. tape covered hands.

The "warm-up" took 20 minutes, and I was "completely maxed" at the end. I'm not a fan of pairing rope climbs and hangboards. It saps contact strength from your hands. You don't get it back during the ball slams. It was first time ever in my life that I had to use my feet on a rope climb!

We started the get ups with 80lb sandbags but quickly dropped down to 60. They were still the hardest part. I rested during the HIT strip laps. I think Rob sneaked some weight into the tire after we sprinted through the first round of #2.

Some clicked at the 40 minute mark, either I woke up or I turned off my conscious brain. The workout still sucked and was hard, but it didn't matter. I moved my body, but there were no thoughts. It was a nice feeling. The entire session took 75 minutes with no breaks. It was great training with Doug. We are at the same level and create a healthy competitive atmosphere.