Jun 4, 2009

LOTD, Farmhouse Sector

Objective: New Routing

"The Barn" boulder, frontside
Left to Right
Invisible Invaders, V? - Very doable if it wasn't slippery as snot
Flesheater, V1 - sds, big pull to big jug
Womaneater, V1 - right arete, kinda contrived, harder sds

"The Barn" boulder, backside
It's Great to be Alive in Colma, V3 - sds, crimps on the face

"Hell Down in the Cellar" project and "The Farmhouse" boulder

"Hell Down in the Cellar" project

Notes: It has been raining off and on for last couple of days, but I tried to squeeze in a quick outdoor session. I went to "The Farmhouse" sector, named after a very large low-angled boulder. Everything was wet and slippery. As a result, my grades could be softer than they normally are. I did not get on "The Farmhouse" proper, Wet + Slab = DEATH.

I spent most of my time on "Hell Down in the Cellar" Project. It is very steep blocky granite, but losses a couple of stars because the landing is poor. It makes me want to a better climber, like all good projects.