Feb 13, 2010

Flagstaff/Movement, Outdoor/Indoor Gym Climbing

Location: Flagstaff Mountain, Boulder, CO

Problems Sent: Y Traverse, V3/4, Flash (i'm the king of flashing traverses, little bit of pump mixed with little bit of numbness)

Location: Movement+Fitness, Boulder, CO

Training: High Intensity Quality Movement, 3 hours

Overlooking The Bubble

A dog, a girl, and some rock
Quality Afternoon

Delicious Snow

Flagstaff has big cobbles

Flagstaff has little cobbles

Notes: Just barely warm enough to crank outside. I up and down climbed a V0, couldn't top-out because of snow, a couple of times to warm-up. LAME! It was fun flashing another quality traverse. I couldn't help myself and got sucked into Flagstaffland by making up a traversey eliminate towards the end of the day. I need to climb outside more to better translate my strength but this wasn't the best opportunity. I spend more time figuring out the location of problems and keeping warming than climbing. Flagstaff climbing doesn't feel that technically demanding, just hard on the skin.

I headed to the gym for some much needed volume, a plethora of harder routes and problems flashes. Skin and tolerance of "scenesters" were the limiting factors.

Bonus: The best guide to Flagstaff.