Feb 24, 2010

SRR Boulders, Laying The Foundation

The residue of the last little winter storm forced me to dig into my winter bouldering stash at the SRR Boulders. They tend to get less snow and more sun than other sectors. I threw a rope on the best line, the "prow" of the upper boulder. It cleaned it up nice. When it came time to climb, I wasn't feeling it. The landing is scree, awkward and sketchy. Even though there are multiple harder lines, V10+, on good rock, I'm letting them go until I can come back with a syked crew.

Residue of Winter

Work Site

Residue of Work

Rad Spider

I spent the rest of the afternoon postholing around. I found a new, at least to me, sector. (Sorry, no pictures since I didn't bring my camera). It is nice because it doesn't require a river crossing, critical in the upcoming months.