Feb 18, 2010

Ideology of a Cancer Cell

Training: 1) Max number of hard routes in 1 hour: 12
Da numbers - 10c, 10d, 12a, 12a, 12b, 12b, 12b, 12b, 12a, 12a, 11c, 11c

2) Pull-ups
a) A couple of 1-arms
b) 1 pull-up w/girlfriend attached

Bonus: Hans Florine Slideshow

Quintessential Hans at 6:15

Proper Birthday Challenge State,
End of 1 mile 130lb Sandbag Carry

Notes: The weather has turned back to crap. I should be cranking in TX, but I have stupid thing called a job. Back to the lab, literally and figuratively. I only had an hour between work and Hans' slideshow. In his honor, I tried to climb as many pitches as possible in Movement Climbing Gym. I worked "briskly but not frantically." I would climb a route, lower down, and repeat it. The first laps were all flashes, except the 11cs. I didn't redpoint point every climb but that didn't matter, the difference between training and performance. I'm still in an power endurance maintenance cycle, just hitting it hard once a week.

Hans is always entertaining and inspiring. He talked about tackling the "impossible", breaking a speed on El Cap or climbing 20 Classics in 20 days. The value is not succeeding, even though he usually does, but training and attempting. I'm rethinking my current power-oriented Birthday Challenge. The new word might be "enchainment."