Feb 26, 2010

The Palace, Stil The Pre-season

Routes Sent: River Rats, 7, Onsight (good stuff)
Creepy, 10b, Onsight (more than 1 star in my book)
Flail, 11a, Onsight (fun crux, heinous post-crux climbing, wish I'd some micronuts)

Routes Tried: Where's the Beef?, 12b/c, 1.5 tries (not three stars, needs to be cleaned, went numb)

Notes: Alex and I cranked for a beautiful 1/2 day at The Palace. Alex is on the patented Climbing Lab Rehab Program so went to the Poudre Face. I forgot that The Palace is a winter place, it was shirt off weather in the sun. It was nice having a good guidebook. The last time I went to the cliff I spent too much time on the approach, even though you can see the cliff from the road, and looking for climbs.

Information for the next edition of the guidebook:

- There are another 7, lower quality, that goes to the same anchor as River Rats. Either it is Turtle Head or not listed in the guide.

- Micronuts on Flail would be helpful during longish runout between the 6th & 7th bolt.

- The last bolt on Where's the Beef is missing a hanger. Not a big deal since the climbing is much easier (but the rock is a little loose).