Feb 8, 2010

Decorating My Coffin

1) Campus, Ladder, Large Rungs
1-4-7 X 2

2) Campus, Ladder, Medium Rungs
1-4-6 X 3

3) 1-arm pull-ups, Right arm only
3 with complete rest

1) Threshold Bouldering, System Board

2) Open Hand and 1/2 Crimp Hangs

3) 1-arm pull-ups,
Left, +3, +5, +8 (PR!)
Right, +3, +3, +3

4) Repetitive Effort, Last 3'' of 1-arm pull-up

5) Abs

Notes: Back in the training game. It took me a little while to get my head right. I'm solidifying my current campus level before moving up. Getting to the next level in campusing is always a quantum leap. I have a weakness with right arm 1-armers. Getting after that weakness with more volume. A satisfying PR on with my left arm.

The weakness part of my 1-armers is the top. I'm taking a page from Westside and targeting that limiter. I'm doing limited range of motion for 6-8 reps. I'm not doing isometrics for a couple reasons. Isometrics are difficult to setup, typically requiring a chain attached to the floor in order to pull maximally. Just locking things off, both on the pull-up bar and during climbing, is "training to be slow" and from what I have seen, messes up everyone's technique. In addition, isometrics should be hard (rarely do I see any one do isometrics at the proper level). Isometrics done at the proper level would take away from my other training. On the other hand, Repetitive Effort doesn't dig a huge recovery hole.

Right now, I'm only interested in bouldering and short routes (and training for a possible b-day challenge). My training reflects that.