Feb 23, 2009

Mittens And Zip Ties

Objective : Strength

Warm-up : Snatch Practice

Training (1) singles, front squat, 225, 245, 265(f), 255

(2) 5 rounds
doubles, front squat, 215
10, shoulder press, 35X2

(3) row 500m
50 dips
row 500m
50 push-ups
row 500m
time : 10:03

Notes : I did this workout because I felt like moving my body. I also wanted to see how much strength I have lost since switching my focus to climbing. It turns out not much. Mountain Athlete is finding a similar result. Interesting.

At some point, my Olympic Weightlifting class will start to clean and jerk. I love cleaning (I could live without jerking. Scary!). There is no messing around with a clean. You have to commit. My current PR for the clean is 205. I have the potential for a big PR. Hopefully, I can actualize my potential.

The circuit, #3, was a smoker. I couldn't see for the first 30s after and couldn't talk for 5 minutes. If I threw in 50 handstand push-ups, my power output would have precipitously dropped. Think about it.