Feb 11, 2009

Thinking Ahead - Short-term

Objective : Planning

Notes : I just finished a Power/Bouldering Stamina cycle. I'm as ready as possible for the comp and sick of hard, long bouldering sessions in the climbing gym. My next cycle is Strength/Low-end Power Endurance. This cycle is specific to The Palace. I have been there enough times to get a feel for the type of routes. The routes are long but most of the climbing is relatively easy (for the grade) with a short crux sections (4-15 moves). If you can do the crux, you can send the route. Last weekend, I hatched a plan to send every route at The Palace before the end of the season (?). That would make for a very nice route pyramid topping out at 13a (?). It would keep me motivated with a series of short-term goals and carry me into the "real" sport climbing season.