Jan 18, 2010

The River Blocs of Poudre Canyon

Winter's death grip has finally loosen on the Front Range. I enjoyed MLK day by cleaning up the SRR boulders. I started on the lower boulder. What it lacks in height and steepness, it makes up with in rock quality. It sits right on a river and has been caressed by the water to perfection.

South Side of the Lower Boulder
Middle Line, V5 - Sds to perfect slopey edges

East Side of the Lower Boulder
Far Left Line, V5 - Sds on far left arete (better view in pix above)
Far Right Line, V2 - Stand start follow crack

West Side of the Lower Boulder
Middle Line, V1 - Stand start on blocky protrusion
Far Right Line, V1 - Stand start, stay on left side arete, contrived
Traverse, V0 - Traverse the lip, either way, contrived but best warm-up

I moved a little farther upstream to a river block I had my eye on for a long time, waiting for the snow to melt.

Far Right Line, V5 - Sds, big moves between okay holds, great line
Middle Line, V3 - Stand start to mantle

There are a couple of lines to the left, but there were still too wet to try. I spent time on the sds to the middle line. It is hard, the scarce holds face the wrong directions coupled with bad feet. If I wanted a super project, this is a contender.

Amazing Stick & Amazing Rock

Spring is right around the corner. The rivers will rise, temporarily blocking access to the rocks. Maybe permanently altering the problems. I'm thankful for this window of opportunity.