Jun 6, 2010

Course Correction

I just returned from the wide open spaces of the American Southwest. I love car travel through the desert because it gives me the space and chance to develop my thoughts. I set myself free and see if I return to what I love, like the metaphorically caged loved.

I love climbing. In particular, I love the intense physical and mental problem solving in beautiful places. I look for different experiences. I find it through different movement on different rocks. Sometimes, I want to climb a lot. Climbing in established areas with guidebooks facilitate that goal. Other times, I want to explore new rock with only myself imposed rules. I could be the first or the hundredth to climb on a rock, it doesn't matter. It is new to me. New to me a different, special way compared to established problems. For me, established problem come with the baggage of rules and expectations. I sometimes break the rules for an ascent of an established problem. The climbing police come and write me ticket. Other times, I don't meet my own expectations.

I realize the majority of people who climb stick to established climbs, the well-trodden fork in the road. I try to help them out by sharing the problems I have found. With them, the rules I have made. I welcome other interpretations of the same rock.

I'm resteering the direction of the blog in the most important direction. The blog will continue my online training log/thought sketch pad. I plan to more thoroughly profile climbs not "in print" anywhere else and more honest reviews. The trip reports/spray will be greatly reduced. I'm still climbing outside all the time, but I'm drawing the curtain on that window into my world.