Jun 1, 2010


Training: 1) Technique, 1 block

2) Hang, .3 block

3) T2P, 2 blocks

Notes: I'm transitioning from roadtrip into my training cycle. This cycle will focus on tolerance, i.e., the ability to do hard moves when pumped. I suck really bad at it, both on a physical and mental level.

#1 - Focused on using momentum especially from a position of off-balance, e.g. right foot on (only) and moving left arm. #2 - I'm training for a cliff that has a proper amount of 2 finger pockets. Most gyms choose not to set with pockets so I've to supplement with a hangboard. SAID, enough said. #3 - I traversed ~10 moves of V1/2 into ~15 moves of V4/5.

2 finger campusing to warm-up.
If you think you can 2 finger campus, you can.